NAG is now Impande South Africa

The Network Action Group (NAG) is renaming as Impande Foundation to strategically align with our global partners Impande Norway, Impande Sweden and soon to be Impande UK. We are all independent registered charities but will be aligned by a global charter driven by NAG’s long time mission to support grassroots charities.


Our first decade as NAG (2000-2010) was as a completely voluntary social movement of Community Based Organisations mostly responding to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The past decade (2010-2020) has seen NAG grow into a Network of over 500 grassroots organisations who support young children to have a fair start in life. This will continue to be our mission and our renaming is part of a process of developing a global Impande organisation with offices in Port Shepstone, South Africa and Oslo, Norway. Over the next decade together with Impande Norway and new Impande entities in Sweden, UK and beyond we aim to scale our work of enabling private donations to reach straight to Grassroots charities in the poorest communities of South Africa.

For the past six years NAG have had an MoU with an organisation in Norway that was called Gamalakhe Development Centre Stiftelse Norway. Our partnership was built around the principals of NAG identifying grassroots organisations and projects requiring financial support and GDCS raising funds to meet the needs from individuals and small companies in Norway. The name developed for the partnership project was Impande Yotshani directly translated from IsiZulu as roots of the grass. GDCS board in Norway decided to rename as Impande Foundation back in 2016. NAG and Impande Norway have been working closer and closer together over the past few years and have implemented many successful projects.

Our Position Now

Over the last couple of years Impande Norway with support from NAG have started to develop partnerships with big companies in Norway around corporate social responsibility and there has been much interest in this from all parties to create more sustainable ways of working and a more just and equal world. Within this context NAG board made the strategic decision to rename to Impande to help clarify communications about our work and to strengthen the global links between the organisations.

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Your investment can help us to give children in rural South Africa a fair start in life. You can give a general support donation or donate to one of these specific projects:

  • ECD Infrastructure
  • Playgrounds
  • ECD helpdesk

Covid-19 update

We need your help

We are currently working to support ECD centres to comply with the process set out by DSD for reopening but we need your help.  Centres urgently need water tanks, cleaning materials and personal protective equipment (PPE). Partner with us or make a contribution to reach ECD centres that do not have any water source and those who are not funded by government.

Network and Helpdesk

It is possible to improve access and quality of ECD when communities, government and the private sector work together


·         Facilitate municipal ECD Network meetings to support flow of information between grassroots ECD services, government and stakeholders 

·         Provide a help desk to assist ECD centres with registration and compliance to improve child protection and access to government subsidies.