Supporting marginalised communities during the lockdown

The current pandemic hitting the world is of grave concern for a country like South Africa whose poverty levels are high and with a large percentage of the population who are immune compromised. We would like to applaud the South African Government for their swift measures in addressing this pandemic and the risk which millions […]

NAG is now Impande South Africa

The Network Action Group (NAG) is renaming as Impande Foundation to strategically align with our global partners Impande Norway, Impande Sweden and soon to be Impande UK. We are all independent registered charities but will be aligned by a global charter driven by NAG’s long time mission to support grassroots charities. Background Our first decade […]

Siyamthanda and the story of Hanne`s Shelter

At NAG we believe in supporting grassroot organisations, and when the opportunity arose for one of our member organisations to start a shelter to build on the years of community work supporting women. NAG’s role was to facilitate a multi stakeholder partnership to get the infrastructure and operating funding in place involving the Hanne’s memorial […]