vangasali: every child counts

Vangasali is a Xitsonga phrase meaning “No One Left Behind”, which is what the Vangasali campaign is trying to achieve. Launched by the Department of Social Development (DSD) in June 2020, this programme is aimed at finding every Early Childhood Development (ECD) service in the country. As the name suggests, we are trying to ensure that no one is left behind – whether it be children or ECD service providers. 

The first phase of the Vangasali campaign was a success, with thousands of submissions being made. DSD now has a database of over 45 000 ECD services in the country. These ECD services include ECD centres, playgroups and toy libraries amongst other things. The second phase of the Vangasali campaign is currently underway by the Department of Social Development and its partners through the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Impande, the implementing partner. This phase is centred on ECD Centre registration massification, which entails supporting unregistered ECD services to apply for registration, by the 31st of March 2021.

Impande is a proud implementing agent to support the Department of Social Development for phase 2 of Vangasali which aims to support all of the unregistered ECD services identified to submit an application for registration by March 2021. 

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