Infrastructure Update: 25 New ECD Centres

An ECD Centre often starts in someone’s house or in a small empty building. It would generally be run voluntarily by a few local women who are passionate about children. At the start they would have had no training or knowledge of formal structures to enable them to get outside support.

We are proud to have been able to build 25 new ECD buildings in the 2 years for members who were operating out of mud buildings or other informal structures. 

Through the use of local community resources, we implement a cost-effective ECD infrastructure programme which allows for large scale implementation.

Our model for building new ECD Centres focuses on working with what already exists in the community. Our process includes selection, profiling and due diligence and for the construction phase we have a low-cost implementation model, by making use of local-based community resources.

New adaptations to our design

The first ECD Centre is finished with our new adapted design that has lower windows, allowing more light into the classroom and children can look outside. We look forward to this becoming the ‘new’ standard for all future builds.

Under Construction

The NAG team are excited to be working on new designs for creating stimulating outdoor playgrounds. Our aim is to create environments that inspire children’s imagination and guide their behaviour to enhance play and learning.


Where are you Based

South Africa


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Network and Helpdesk

It is possible to improve access and quality of ECD when communities, government and the private sector work together


·         Facilitate municipal ECD Network meetings to support flow of information between grassroots ECD services, government and stakeholders 

·         Provide a help desk to assist ECD centres with registration and compliance to improve child protection and access to government subsidies.